In the middle of the mayhem, Henry pretends to go to work every day at a job he lost weeks ago. In the mist of this, Henry and his family make an unlikely connection with Travis Parker (Casey Abrams), a kid with his first job at a credit collection agency that is inhabited by a colorful group of lifers (Yeardley Smith, Ed Marinaro, Daryl Chill Mitchell, Danny Mora and Erick Avari). Ultimately, Travis and the Warner family's fates are tied together as they both struggle to break free of debts, both financial and emotional.

A comedy-drama in the tone of "Little Miss Sunshine", "The Descendants" and "Up in the Air", OFFER & COMPROMISE is about the durability of love. ‚Äč

After 2008, most Americans were scratching their heads and trying to figure out what they did wrong. They went to college, got jobs, got married, bought houses, had kids and tried to raise them right. So...when the floor falls out from underneath you, what is there to hold on too? 

Is love enough?

Henry Warner (Tom Cavanagh) has a wife (Bellamy Young) who wants somebody else's life, a teenage daughter who wants her own apartment, an eight year old daughter who wants to be Wayne Gretzky  a mother-in-law (Brynn Thayer) who hates him and a five year-old son who has yet to speak.